Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ridiculous, Regardless

As you can probably tell from the Pink Floyd reference, I am sincerely dissapointed by my school system. Sure, it's only payed for by taxes, but really? This is the kind of leadership in education we boast about?

Recently our graduation requirements have been revised. We now need to do a capstone project (requiring one semester class and hours of out-of-school work), pass the NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program), Have the required number of credits, and complete a Class portfolio. These requirements are as intricately deatailed as they are monotonously redundant. They're putting us in thes pigeonholes, telling us our educations will be unique but supplying requirements to make them as uniform and orderly as the ground meat they expect us to be.

As I type this (only allowed because I'm an honors student) my advisory teacher is lecturing us about how we should proceed with this. I wish he would tell us how we know he really feels. THESE ARE A SERIES OF MUNDANE TASKS THAT ARE COMPLEX AND UNECESSARY. I wish he would convince the other adivsor in this class of the absolute stupidity.

I understand why these requirements are put in place. They're to make sure nobody slips through the cracks and graduates without actually passing or being ready for the real world. Truth is, everyone will take a different path to the real world. They say they'll prepare us for college, but almost nobody (compared to the population of a public high school) is actually going to college! I would liek to elect which classes I take so I can get the most of my ltime here in the educative environment. I would like to spend my 'Advisory' in the library, where I will study independantly. And blog. I love this, blogging is probably my guilty pleasure :)

Such a silly system. Now that my rant is over, I would like to look at a mroe peaceful side of life. I am completely sane and honestly more at peace with myself than I have ever been. Everything is working out so well, save some things that just can't be helped. I've got dress projects, where I am making one for me from paper from phone books! I haven't got a girlfirend. I am excted about going to Denver to see if I can get into the YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program! I am barely passing chemistry. I am almost finished with another dress that is turning out so amazingly! I am in love with my best friend, he is the only one I could go straight for. My best friend has a girlfriend and he's so happy and they're so adorable! Acid wash jeans are dead to the fashion industry :)

So I'm a nice positively balanced mess of simultaniously occurring events. And I am complimented on my vocabulary on a regular basis. It makes me smile. People tell me I'm smart, unique, beautiful, interesting, fantastic person and amazing friend. I tell them that I'm lucky to know them. Everyone needs friends to tell them what they need to know, and I've needed these pats on the back for a while now :3

So I've resolved to TEAR DOWN THE WALL in an effort to let people into my lucky little life.
Speaking of references to The Wall, I feel like I could tell a story through the music of Pink Floyd and similar bands. Also, they've gone and uploaded the whole freaking abum to Youtube. Search it, it's one hour twenty-one minutes and forty-eight seconds of bliss during an extended homework session. My foerign exchange student hates it >:)

Little Thoughts: I would be the best little taoist if I could only stop valuing information for the sake of information :) That is, intellectualism is not a good practice for the followers of the uncarved block. I love learning about Eastern Wisdoms, especially the intricacies adn writings to Taoist masters and Confucianist politicians.

Last Bit: Viva la Musica! C'est vie! (Long live music, music is life)
Timbuk 3~ Shame On You
The Raconteurs~ Thes Stones Will Shout
Cat Stevens~ If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

:) Peace Out