Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Danger Days, Purple Haze, and Figure of Speach

My Chemical Romance; not just for hopeless recovering-metalhead romantics with amplifiers anymore! This means that you, too, can enjoy the beautiful sounds of the fabulous musicians and listen to the fantastically imaginitive lyrics lent to your ears by this mercilessly awesome group.

Haha, this is my review of the band, and they've got a new album [!!!], Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, I've heard it, it's amazing.

It's a concept album, which makes some people shiver away like it's the plague, that's only because bands that aren't very skilled ruin the title of a "concept album".

Think about this: They've already done one. It's called The Black Parade. You know, that one who's got the song that nearly made it to the top of the charts; Welcome to the Black Parade ? So they've got an excellent handle on the idea.

Also, I might be so bold as to compare this concept of a cocept album to some older and far more incredible bands with the notation of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Now, astonishing artwork isn't a must, but MCR didn't sip out on that part of the "concept".

Danger Days has the concept of a post-apocolyptic totalitarian society as the setting, where a cast of characters [the Killjoys] rise up from the ashes to fend off the ominously omnipresent and omnipotent government BL industries, abbreviated BLind. Notice that? I sure did. The music videos have a story and a theme of fighting back against everything thats repressive, a true teenage rampage.

This great album set off one of my rants, which I think I should start posting. My rants are usually based off of a theme or idea, this time it's this album, which is all up on youtube.

1.I went from the Art is the Weapon/ Na na na song and video on youtube to the lyric video
2.From this, I loved the lyrics and the imagry so much I visited google images, searching images for MCRmy related things, such as outfits, scetches, notes, etc.
3.Came across some costumes and postings and it was all great, fashion wise! Extreemly colorful, liek the outfits in the video, and a variation between the skintight musings of Gerard, Frank, and Mikey to the looser but still fitting clothes of the rest of the band.
4. Looked from this into a little scene/rave fashion culture, I found alot brighter haridye than previously anticipated. Super-dooper!
5. Trailed off for a while, but broughht back by the next song I found to be crazy awesome. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, which brought me to the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz
6. From this, I taught myself how to do some of the dance-y moves the scarecrow does in the movie we all know and love.
7. Then, I found the 59 minute long listening party, where i listened ot the whole thing while doing my chemistry homework. I do crappy in that class, but the homework got done fast and well.
8. Listened to the resto f the album in sweet, sweet bliss.

Generally, my rants are far more specific, but what did you expect when I've got actual work to do besides this. I'll post some really involved ones during xmas vacation when I really haven't fot anything else to do.