Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts!

Natural Fibers!
What does that term make you think of. For most it counjurs up images of fruits and veggies high in fiber and low in protien and flavor, but for me, I think of all the amazing things you can do with leaves and beets and chesnuts to fabric!

There aren't many people who still dye cloth and yarn for the finished product, rather the exerience, because tye-dying is really lots of fun. But if you looks real hard and talk to people, you'll find someone who knows how to transfer rich, natural colors to cloth. I am one of these people. I haven't done much, but I have dyed enough to let you know your hands will NOT be pretty.

I recently cut up some beets, half of which I ate and half of which I soaked in orange juice soncentrate and boiled down to a thick paste, then spreading the paste on a large square of cotton/wool blend fabric, yeilding a vibrant, deep purple. It was amazing.

So lovely bunch of coconuts, what shall I do with you? Well, the milk is supposed to be healthy and yummy and full of everything good, so I might drink that. I might see about making chocolate coconut milk, see if that exists. If it does, I'll make it. If it doesn't I will use part of the milk to experiment and the other part to save in case the chocolat-ing doesn't work out. But I will use the narutal fibers on the actual coconut for something. I've got to, it's my duty to coconut kind!

In a completely unrelated topic, I've evaluated my past and have come to the conclusion I always fall in love during Beatles songs. Now, I've been a major Beatles fan forever, my parents own everything on vynal and disque. I had the Let it Be poster in my room for the longest time, but then we painted and I took it down. I know every word to 90% of the songs, and the ones I dont know I could describe to you the general idea of the lyrics and melody. I mention this partially because I've fallen in love again, and that's why my artistic feeling is up so high.

The beatles are one of the most fantastic groups. Strike that, they are the greatest musical group that's ever lived. Imagine, if you will, how many times you heard that a musician's been inspired by the Beatles? Lots, right? Well imagine all those groups never hearing the Beatles. Their sound is different, is it not? Well it would be, guarunteed. The Beatles are one of those rare bands that come into a generation and fills a hole, specifically one of music and culture. The Beatles were ahead of thier time, but juse ahead enough that they caught every wave that came in and rode it 'till the next wave culturally. Who first used a sitar in genuine pop music? Who pulled the influenced of drugs into music without turning the music into pot head music? The songs are relateable, diverse, and perfect with vocal harmonies, guitar work and beats. They are immidiately danceable, but you can also sit quietly and listen to them, being absorbed into every note, every syllable. They are neither overrated nor underrated, and they owned the generation.

I would liek ot mention a completely unrelated group now that is extreemly underrated. This group is Tokyo Police Club, and tehy were paving the way in euro-pop in 2008. Some of the greatest euro-pop I've ever heard, so ahead of thier time. Graves has a good music video, and Your English is Good is such an amazing danceable song. I just felt it nessesary to mention them now.

Well, wish me luck curling up and dyeing today. Hope you'll consider giving The Beatles and Tokyo Police Club a good listen and a half. [thats 1.5 songs]

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