Saturday, November 20, 2010

DIY, Threadbanger, and T Shirt Whores

I'm a major DIY'er, as you may have guessed, and there are definately a few things I''d reccomend to aspiring DIYists. But first, some more DIY made up words!

DIYing. DIYettiquitte [pronounced like dee-eye-yetti-cut], DIYmistress, DIYugly [when a project doen't turn out right], the list can go on and on and on..

Anyway, there's a website [filled with youtube tutorials and written things] called, which is amazing. I've been sewing since I was about 5, and this is the most cohesive board of instructions I've found.

I past this phase a few years ago, but it's worth mentioning: Reconstuctive Tshirts. They're the bomb. There are a few books such as Generation T that are phenominal at helping out a budding mind, and give just ducky inspiration.

Here are some examples:

This one's nice n' easy for a halter top. Cute!
This is the author of Generation T modeling some wares. Check out that scarf!

This is so exciting to me, now I'm very close to getting that antique sewing machine. You'd thing that older is not better in this case, but this was the creme of the crop in 1950, and all the parts are metal, so they won't wear out or break very easily like some plastic parts. It also comes with its own cute shair, and the machine itself is built into the table, which folds down and becomes just a regular table when not in use.

Hope this has served for some inspiration! *snip snip snip* [that's the threadbanger sign-off!]

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