Saturday, November 20, 2010

Analysis of Styles Past; Steampunk

Alright, so recently I've found some of my old scetches and fashion/drawing/design journals going back to when I was eight. That's a little more than half my life! Anyway, I lack a scanner, but here's an overview:

Early things were beautifly sculpted [or as much as an eight-year old could do] and lots of bright colors, but no pinks. Ooo, I just love the young me! Mostly neutral/narutals getting into 9 and 10 years old, with alot les chape, but more body form, if that makes much sence. I guess I skipped out when I was 11, but dove right into fantasy creature/characters/scenes. I'm sure Harry Potter and some other book series had major influence here. Speaking of [sidenote time!], I'm totally seeing that tonight at 7h30. Quite excited. So this had alot more shape, and this is where I began my anime/manga phase. I dabbled, but I wanted to draw more human-like forms, adn keep the oversize hands and feet with longer legs and more voluminous chests for men and women. Bigger shoulders too. And that's what I did.

At about 13 years, I really started drawing, and looking at everything that inspired me. My notebook and I were inseperatable. I've a lot, a lot of scetches of very victorian, formal, classy wear with modern twists and different fits. I didn't know what steampunk was until about 5 weeks ago, and I think I've finally found my fashion home.

All my life, I think I've been looking for this fashion. This culture, this gathering of smart freaks with a sewing machine and a lot of artistic imagination. Here are a few pictures to wet your wistle and see why I just love this idea.

Quite the leather freak, isn't she? I'm not a fan or leater, but i do enjoy soem vegan leather on gloves and such. The belt buckes are really what I wanted to enphasize wit this picture, because fasteners are the most steampunk of sorts.

Oooo, lace-y gloves! very, very nice. In other situations, this would be a little slutty, but with this fashon it's classy and cute.

Relatively colorful, notice the goggles, which are a big part of the culture.

Happy little illustration. The gear deatails and pocket watch are essential to the look.

Back-shot of a steampunk chick. The boots, the corsetwork, the jacket, it's all really "Peggy". Just something I'd do!

Here are soem steampunkers at a comicon, all decked out and nowhere to go but up! This gives good insight to the clothing fashion sub-genres, like that explorer guy on the right verses the murder-mystery second from the left.

So now that I have my sewing machine [I've cristened her Bonnie], I can dive right into this, if I please. I might run it past a few friends first, but I'm not big into the whole "lets go and see what everyone thinks before doing something atrocious" =]

In the words of the great Tigger, "TTFN, Ta-ta for now!"

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