Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Goin' On?

Let the title of this post take you back, far back, such a long long way back to the song with the same name and lyrics as this title. Isn't it groovy?

Anyway, recently so much has been going on I've hardlyhad the chance to post and write, something ive found to be very comforting recently.

So I've been pretty phsyched about this play I'm in, and as it turns out, due to schedualing difficulties and some major mistakes by yours truly, I am no longer part of this play. This is little reflection on me as a person or an actor, or as the director as a director or teacher. Moving on...

I went this past weekend to TREC (Troops Reaching Extraordinary Challenges), a camping competition where some friends and I went down to our friendly neighborhood Girl Scout Camp, Camp Hoffman! Now I love this place, I've been going there religiously every summer overnight and during the day and it feels like home. Camping there when it gets to freezing is a new and great experience, plus I was able to showcase some of my talents like knotting, sawing, firebuilding, packing, and orienteering, of which our group did well. I'm so glad we went.

I'm finalizing the plan on making one of my friends a dress that'll look amazing, and creating a hat pattern for my friend who gave me this magnificent tattoo design. It's a heartagram with roses complete with thorns, at the points and center. Here's a picture!

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