Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Projects and Bullying

As you may have know, I am taking on a variety of projects, foremost in my mind is the large elegant dress I am making for one of my best friends. I found out today from the drama teacher/director of all things theatre that there is a contest goin' on soon at Salve Regina college in Newport for theatre students with a variety of topics, the one i'm most interested in is costume design [for which i can use the dress i will make anyway] and group musical number. For the musical number, I'd really love to do West Side Story's I Feel Pretty or America. Perhaps something Sound of Music-esq. Anyway, I's just so excited [and I just cant hide it] about this week. Going camping/competition camp on Sunday, hanging around a friend's gig on monday [25th] and the month will roll out until there is none, where November will greet me with a play production, a massive house overhaul, and basically a repeat of October without rehersal. Instead, occupying my time will be babysitting and dressmaking.

In advisory [like a homeroom class] today, some people elected to take a survey on bullying. I did not, i had to go to the Grahics Dept., but it got me thinking. Like, when did bullying become such a huge issue? This was answered by my advisory teacher with a resounding, "because kids are killing themselves". Again, causing me to wonder if this effort to find out about the bullying was a little late. I know very few people who can genuinely say they've been bullied, and I hang out with the wierd kids most of the time. What must have happened in those kid's lives that they commit suicide over what seems to be an annoying, sometimes hurtful thing? If your relentlessly taunted or stonen from, teachers and student advisors have always [since elementary school] given multiple oppertunities for kids to come ot them and discuss thier problems. Middle school homeroom was extended to an hour every friday, and this was a topic we stayed away from until it was mandated we visit it. most people had been "bullied", but it made little impression on them. Some people had ben rumored about, and that must be a terrible experience, but it passes.

I guess I'm just lucky that despite my flawsand the people I keep company with, I dont think I've ever been bullied to a point where I no longer want to attend school or live for that matter. I've been teased, but anything past playful died when we left elementary school.

Not to belittle the victims of bullying, by any means! If you'e being bullied, you've got to tak advantage f the resources around you! If you think "telling" will get you beat up, is it better that you get beat up only once more and you tell, or that you are physically or verbally abused for the rest of the school year? Teachers are generally good people, as are parents. If you can't find a relyable adult or one that trusts you, submit complaints annonymously. You've got to realize that some teachers are PAID to help you have the most productive school year possible, and that means that nobody steals your lunch, calls you names, or hits you.

Anyway, this troubled me for some time. I'm not sure I'm over it. About bullying, I'd recoment the book Please Stop Laughing At Me, which recounts a tale of where bullying goes too far. what i kept saying to myself throughout the book was, where are the adults? She alerted some adults, but they were obviously not trustworthy, so she needed to tell more people, to lok until she found someone who would help her!

I might revisit this topic when I have time, but until then I've got to read my lines 'till I fall asleap, which may be sooner han later, I've got a stomachache and I usually sleep 'em off.

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