Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi there! This is my first Blog, I hope I'm doing this right!

So, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Peggy! I grew up un Chicago, IL, and moved to Coventry, RI when I was almost 8. I've got two loving, zany parents with their own personalities and lives, and three brothers that are just begining to see the world. I attend a high school with many flaws and many good things about it, too.

My interests are many and varied, and I like to consider myself an intellectual nonconfomist in that sence. I love learning, though I don't always like attending classes. Who does? Anyway, I love art in all of its forms. I adore pinting, sculpting, weaving, knitting, crocheting, drawing, designing, sewing, and pretty much everything else! I actually aspire to attend Rhode Island School of Design College, although they rarely accept in-staters. I also love music! I love rock and all of it's branches and roots, including punk, alternative, metal, hardcore, soft, pop, dance, indie, techno, folk, jazz, blues, r&b, modern rock and hip-hop. The only style of music I don't like very much is country. I also love written works such as novels, poems, biographies, nonfiction, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, plays, commentary and various college thesies.

My friends are probably the most amazing part of my life. I love my friends with a sisterly adoration, and I come to thier defense and help on many occasions. They push me to do things they know I would love to do, and ehy are the rason I found one of my passions within school; drama! Speaking of, I am acting in the fall school play. At the time of this publishing, we are just before the no-script time, and I'm prepared! I've been told I'm fairly good at this, all things considered. The people I've met at drama and art clubs, along with radio and voulenteering makes up most of my friends, but I've also got some freaks I meet randomly at concerts and such.

While I'm telling you about me, I'd like to use this space as advertising! Check out my etsy, where I sell hats and recycled bags, as well as other crocheted and knit goods. I am open to suggestions and I take requests, so check me out!

Thats all for now! I hope I've made a good impression!

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