Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Portrait

Today my mother's side of the family takes a picture, let the chaos ensue!
Not really, it went very well, actually. I've got an Aunt and Uncle who are a little off, but they had to leave early anyay, so they did not have enough time to get drunk.

Being with my family made me remember all the cool stuff I made this year. Because my aunts are knitters and crocheters, I showed off some of my recent projects. I've made a bunch of simple hats and a few designer hats that look pretty mod. Among hese special hats ae a blueberry hat, a ski cap, a shortcuts hat, a frog hat, a devil hat, another ski hat with tassles, and 3 mohawk hats. Two of those mohawk hats are wool yarn, and one is made from repurposed plastic bags. I also made bags out of plastic bags, however redundant that might seem, they turn out awesomely and super strong. Another cool thing I made this year was a duct tape dress and suit jackert combo. the pictures didn't turn out very well, but these were the ones my friends took at nine at night [after a ling night of dancing]

My mother also tried to take pictures, but she had the camera on the setting to make everything black and white accept for green things, like grass. So although the pictures of me would probably much better if the camera setting was correct, I hope these pictures surfice.

So I've got some new projects coming up, some more unconventional materials and some unconventional designs, but thats what I do best!
Here are some pictures of my inspirations, followed by the inspiration and who I'd love to make them for.

This is the dress for Goodnight and Go, the Imogen Heap video. I adore this dress, and would love to make it for my friend Haley. If you want to see the dress in action, watch this:

This, my friends, is a cheezeburger dress, which I want to make for one of my petite friends because, I mean, who else could pull off a tube dress?

I'm thinking of doing this dress up in newspaper or cardboard painted diffferent colors. I don't know who would wear this best, but I'll find someone before I begin construction.

This dress I love for the fabric and the design, which i may interepret into a few different projects, inclusing a dress looking like this with plastic bags or pepsi boxes [the special kind of cardboard and design are just dolly!] or use tht kind of fabric, which I would have to make, into a purse or such easy project.

This dress I would have to think on. I love the vintage, the flattering A-line, the structure and design, and the adorable colors, but I want to do something different with it. Ideas anyone?

Anyway, I've got alot of ideas about these buzing about in my head. Thank god for the play, or I would just dive on into these projects without a backward glance! I need time to think on this, but be sure that I'll do at least one of these by February next year!

That's all for now, if you've got any ideas, email me at

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