Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ridiculous, Regardless

As you can probably tell from the Pink Floyd reference, I am sincerely dissapointed by my school system. Sure, it's only payed for by taxes, but really? This is the kind of leadership in education we boast about?

Recently our graduation requirements have been revised. We now need to do a capstone project (requiring one semester class and hours of out-of-school work), pass the NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program), Have the required number of credits, and complete a Class portfolio. These requirements are as intricately deatailed as they are monotonously redundant. They're putting us in thes pigeonholes, telling us our educations will be unique but supplying requirements to make them as uniform and orderly as the ground meat they expect us to be.

As I type this (only allowed because I'm an honors student) my advisory teacher is lecturing us about how we should proceed with this. I wish he would tell us how we know he really feels. THESE ARE A SERIES OF MUNDANE TASKS THAT ARE COMPLEX AND UNECESSARY. I wish he would convince the other adivsor in this class of the absolute stupidity.

I understand why these requirements are put in place. They're to make sure nobody slips through the cracks and graduates without actually passing or being ready for the real world. Truth is, everyone will take a different path to the real world. They say they'll prepare us for college, but almost nobody (compared to the population of a public high school) is actually going to college! I would liek to elect which classes I take so I can get the most of my ltime here in the educative environment. I would like to spend my 'Advisory' in the library, where I will study independantly. And blog. I love this, blogging is probably my guilty pleasure :)

Such a silly system. Now that my rant is over, I would like to look at a mroe peaceful side of life. I am completely sane and honestly more at peace with myself than I have ever been. Everything is working out so well, save some things that just can't be helped. I've got dress projects, where I am making one for me from paper from phone books! I haven't got a girlfirend. I am excted about going to Denver to see if I can get into the YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program! I am barely passing chemistry. I am almost finished with another dress that is turning out so amazingly! I am in love with my best friend, he is the only one I could go straight for. My best friend has a girlfriend and he's so happy and they're so adorable! Acid wash jeans are dead to the fashion industry :)

So I'm a nice positively balanced mess of simultaniously occurring events. And I am complimented on my vocabulary on a regular basis. It makes me smile. People tell me I'm smart, unique, beautiful, interesting, fantastic person and amazing friend. I tell them that I'm lucky to know them. Everyone needs friends to tell them what they need to know, and I've needed these pats on the back for a while now :3

So I've resolved to TEAR DOWN THE WALL in an effort to let people into my lucky little life.
Speaking of references to The Wall, I feel like I could tell a story through the music of Pink Floyd and similar bands. Also, they've gone and uploaded the whole freaking abum to Youtube. Search it, it's one hour twenty-one minutes and forty-eight seconds of bliss during an extended homework session. My foerign exchange student hates it >:)

Little Thoughts: I would be the best little taoist if I could only stop valuing information for the sake of information :) That is, intellectualism is not a good practice for the followers of the uncarved block. I love learning about Eastern Wisdoms, especially the intricacies adn writings to Taoist masters and Confucianist politicians.

Last Bit: Viva la Musica! C'est vie! (Long live music, music is life)
Timbuk 3~ Shame On You
The Raconteurs~ Thes Stones Will Shout
Cat Stevens~ If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

:) Peace Out

Monday, February 28, 2011

Halleluiah for the Good News!

Wow, guess who's vacation has been the most fabulous assortment of amazing news, the variety of excellent reports!
Mine :3

To begin with, everything went so erfectly in my medical life that I feel like a brand new person, honestly.

Secondly, I received confirmation that I have made it to the final selection of the YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program! This program is a federally and privately sponsored foreign exchange that deals specifically with getting American students to one of ten middle-eastern countries with significant muslim population. I am so excited, they're flying me to Denver Colorado over a weekend in March to asses us. By 'us' I refer to the 75 national finalists, 2/3 of which will be selected to travel to one of these countries:
Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mali (semester only), Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Thailand, and Turkey.

Now, I understand to political and social uprisings and demonstrations that have taken place is a few of these countries, but I would like to assure you of my optimism regarding my safety. And just think! I'll be there with the peopel when history is being rewritten! When these countries throw off the yoke of opressive governments and take up one of political freedom!

As you can see, I am truly optimistic about this. The email notification said at the Crown Plaza we will participate in various team-building games and activities where the observers will analyze ur actions to choose the people best suited to represent our country. This is the reason I cheer, I have had extensive CIT training, and the games we play with the campers (in my case, girl scouts) the girls participate in activities similar to team-building games. I know what the organizers are looking for, because I have looked for it myself!

It's that purpose, that collaborative leadership that puts a spark in a child that we search for. It's the little bit of arogance in thinking that maybe you, yes you, could be a big part of a team, that you could gain the respect of your peers and work together with them to make the world a better place. This is what they look for.

In other news, I've been increasinly inspired by fantasy/sci-fi characters for the pieces I design and create. The major thing with fantasy is that it's all about imagination, and that's really my forte if I should be so bold :)

Any-hoo, I hope everyones' February vacation rocked their socks! We're onto that last strech of school before summer break and the air is full of renewed anticipation of the renewed world, full of optimistic intentions about things to come!

Who am I to deny it? Am I a dork for quoting Shakespeare about this?

What fire is in mine ears? Can this be true?
Stand I condemn'd for pride and scorn so much?
Contempt, farewell! and maiden pride, adieu!
No glory lives behind the back of such.
And, Benedick, love on; I will requite thee,
Taming my wild heart to thy loving hand:
If thou dost love, my kindness shall incite thee
To bind our loves up in a holy band;
For others say thou dost deserve, and I
Believe it better than reportingly.
~ Much Ado About Nothing

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh Lordy Me, Busy Bee

My deepest and most sincere apologies, but I have not been able to post any sort of blog as of late.
I will make up for it with a super-stocket, awesome-fun post RIGHT NOW!

News: Wow, unrest in the middle east, the 90's in returning in more ways than fashion and grunge music! It's such a major deal for more people than vacationers. It's really increible that the political demonstrations have been peaceful so far, when tehre's so much to fight against. Also, I would say that Amerca should take a firmer stand in asking President to step down to allow for a democratic republic system of government that the people have been calling for for decades, but I understand the hesitance our government shows.

Fashion: As stated before, we've got a 90's resurgance on our hands! Last year is was all about the 80's, very much neon and print and tent sweater dresses. Totally not plus-size friendly, its never been. Now we're experiencing more geometric patterns and serisous construction to follow the wonderful, flattering plaids that accompanied us last fall. There is a large push to the inde-rocer movement in fashion, lots of 'vintage' and ironic 90's. My Response? I made myself a nice plaid western shirt and I've dug up my mock turtlenecks in addition to my silver lockets and silluette jewelery. Very vogue. In addition, I'm making some more interesting more indie style green-friendly thing that's become my project. It's a dress. Made of Phone Books :) A boutique I am interested in in Dear Creatures, which is featured in the Anthropologie shop. I'm so excited, there's one cming to Garden City Center!! Also, Tofu has caught my attention of late. I'm not sure weather I adore the style or not, but it is definately my type. Check out Ruelala if you're interested in actually buying things instead of looking and them and making them from scrapbooking materials!

Personal: Wow, another high school semester come and gone, and I've done well in my elective classes. Most namely, fashion design and history of rock. So easy, these were the classes I looked foward to, even though I could've taught fashion design better [and sometimes I did, to my teacher's relif]. English is fun and tough, Chem is toughy-tough but fun sometimes, Geometry is ridiculously easy and bored me half to death, and History is, well, History. It's a little boring, a little interesting. Passing, overall. Highest Honors, actually. Perents are proud but wondering why I didn't do better. Well, live and let live.
I've applied to the YES program [youth exchange and studies] recetly, and I am eagerly awaiting their judgement of my person with the offer that I might study abroad. So excited I might get to a country where there is minimal political unrest :).
I am single again, and looking for a lady that'll treat me right. Any takers? Didn't think so. :(

Professional: Haha, who am I kidding? I don't have a job. I'm getting a number of pamphlets from colleges as a high school sophomore, and taking advantage of anything they'll send me! Even if I don't want to attend, perfect additionas to a scrapbook, don't you think?

Here are some links, they're all related to this post: LikeZebra: the foremost internet indie-funk website, really the best! Plus, it's not blocked in most public schools because they don't know it exists! ModCloth: The greatest little internet boutique, feeaturign some of the greatest little indie designers this side of the planet, and sometimes the other side. Dear Creatures: One of my very favorite little online inspiration-finders! Always excellent collections, anways appropriate to what's on the runway and what's on my mind. Dakota Collective: Another indie fabulous designer, it's all so formed!
And oh so much more!

Toodles :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Danger Days, Purple Haze, and Figure of Speach

My Chemical Romance; not just for hopeless recovering-metalhead romantics with amplifiers anymore! This means that you, too, can enjoy the beautiful sounds of the fabulous musicians and listen to the fantastically imaginitive lyrics lent to your ears by this mercilessly awesome group.

Haha, this is my review of the band, and they've got a new album [!!!], Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, I've heard it, it's amazing.

It's a concept album, which makes some people shiver away like it's the plague, that's only because bands that aren't very skilled ruin the title of a "concept album".

Think about this: They've already done one. It's called The Black Parade. You know, that one who's got the song that nearly made it to the top of the charts; Welcome to the Black Parade ? So they've got an excellent handle on the idea.

Also, I might be so bold as to compare this concept of a cocept album to some older and far more incredible bands with the notation of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Now, astonishing artwork isn't a must, but MCR didn't sip out on that part of the "concept".

Danger Days has the concept of a post-apocolyptic totalitarian society as the setting, where a cast of characters [the Killjoys] rise up from the ashes to fend off the ominously omnipresent and omnipotent government BL industries, abbreviated BLind. Notice that? I sure did. The music videos have a story and a theme of fighting back against everything thats repressive, a true teenage rampage.

This great album set off one of my rants, which I think I should start posting. My rants are usually based off of a theme or idea, this time it's this album, which is all up on youtube.

1.I went from the Art is the Weapon/ Na na na song and video on youtube to the lyric video
2.From this, I loved the lyrics and the imagry so much I visited google images, searching images for MCRmy related things, such as outfits, scetches, notes, etc.
3.Came across some costumes and postings and it was all great, fashion wise! Extreemly colorful, liek the outfits in the video, and a variation between the skintight musings of Gerard, Frank, and Mikey to the looser but still fitting clothes of the rest of the band.
4. Looked from this into a little scene/rave fashion culture, I found alot brighter haridye than previously anticipated. Super-dooper!
5. Trailed off for a while, but broughht back by the next song I found to be crazy awesome. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, which brought me to the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz
6. From this, I taught myself how to do some of the dance-y moves the scarecrow does in the movie we all know and love.
7. Then, I found the 59 minute long listening party, where i listened ot the whole thing while doing my chemistry homework. I do crappy in that class, but the homework got done fast and well.
8. Listened to the resto f the album in sweet, sweet bliss.

Generally, my rants are far more specific, but what did you expect when I've got actual work to do besides this. I'll post some really involved ones during xmas vacation when I really haven't fot anything else to do.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Analysis of Styles Past; Steampunk

Alright, so recently I've found some of my old scetches and fashion/drawing/design journals going back to when I was eight. That's a little more than half my life! Anyway, I lack a scanner, but here's an overview:

Early things were beautifly sculpted [or as much as an eight-year old could do] and lots of bright colors, but no pinks. Ooo, I just love the young me! Mostly neutral/narutals getting into 9 and 10 years old, with alot les chape, but more body form, if that makes much sence. I guess I skipped out when I was 11, but dove right into fantasy creature/characters/scenes. I'm sure Harry Potter and some other book series had major influence here. Speaking of [sidenote time!], I'm totally seeing that tonight at 7h30. Quite excited. So this had alot more shape, and this is where I began my anime/manga phase. I dabbled, but I wanted to draw more human-like forms, adn keep the oversize hands and feet with longer legs and more voluminous chests for men and women. Bigger shoulders too. And that's what I did.

At about 13 years, I really started drawing, and looking at everything that inspired me. My notebook and I were inseperatable. I've a lot, a lot of scetches of very victorian, formal, classy wear with modern twists and different fits. I didn't know what steampunk was until about 5 weeks ago, and I think I've finally found my fashion home.

All my life, I think I've been looking for this fashion. This culture, this gathering of smart freaks with a sewing machine and a lot of artistic imagination. Here are a few pictures to wet your wistle and see why I just love this idea.

Quite the leather freak, isn't she? I'm not a fan or leater, but i do enjoy soem vegan leather on gloves and such. The belt buckes are really what I wanted to enphasize wit this picture, because fasteners are the most steampunk of sorts.

Oooo, lace-y gloves! very, very nice. In other situations, this would be a little slutty, but with this fashon it's classy and cute.

Relatively colorful, notice the goggles, which are a big part of the culture.

Happy little illustration. The gear deatails and pocket watch are essential to the look.

Back-shot of a steampunk chick. The boots, the corsetwork, the jacket, it's all really "Peggy". Just something I'd do!

Here are soem steampunkers at a comicon, all decked out and nowhere to go but up! This gives good insight to the clothing fashion sub-genres, like that explorer guy on the right verses the murder-mystery second from the left.

So now that I have my sewing machine [I've cristened her Bonnie], I can dive right into this, if I please. I might run it past a few friends first, but I'm not big into the whole "lets go and see what everyone thinks before doing something atrocious" =]

In the words of the great Tigger, "TTFN, Ta-ta for now!"

DIY, Threadbanger, and T Shirt Whores

I'm a major DIY'er, as you may have guessed, and there are definately a few things I''d reccomend to aspiring DIYists. But first, some more DIY made up words!

DIYing. DIYettiquitte [pronounced like dee-eye-yetti-cut], DIYmistress, DIYugly [when a project doen't turn out right], the list can go on and on and on..

Anyway, there's a website [filled with youtube tutorials and written things] called, which is amazing. I've been sewing since I was about 5, and this is the most cohesive board of instructions I've found.

I past this phase a few years ago, but it's worth mentioning: Reconstuctive Tshirts. They're the bomb. There are a few books such as Generation T that are phenominal at helping out a budding mind, and give just ducky inspiration.

Here are some examples:

This one's nice n' easy for a halter top. Cute!
This is the author of Generation T modeling some wares. Check out that scarf!

This is so exciting to me, now I'm very close to getting that antique sewing machine. You'd thing that older is not better in this case, but this was the creme of the crop in 1950, and all the parts are metal, so they won't wear out or break very easily like some plastic parts. It also comes with its own cute shair, and the machine itself is built into the table, which folds down and becomes just a regular table when not in use.

Hope this has served for some inspiration! *snip snip snip* [that's the threadbanger sign-off!]

Exciting News, Various Crafts

So, my father has informed me there is a high change for myself, the foreign exchange student and my dad to all to to DC for the Rally To Restore Sanity/Colbert's Fear Thing!!!!!!

This is a rally to make fun of the Glen Back rally, basically, only it's bringing together a whole mess of actually normal people. We may be the only ones from Rhode Island [7 hours? Thats too far to drive...] so we've got to represent! There's info on youtube and comedy central's website if you'd like to know more.

Recently, there's been so many projects I've found and wanted oh so badly to make, and I'm planning to make very soon. In addition to this, I'm amazingly excited that I'll be getting a sewing machine pretty soon from my great aunt. It's an antique, and its actually its own piece of furnature! It's all lining up nicely for my master plan, mwahahahahha. Never mind, I haven't got a master plan.